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Trip of Taipei

April 26, 2011 Leave a comment


Its such a sudden trip, from plan to go in only 2 days, never been to such sudden trip, not much prepared, but still lot of fun and suprise. First like to give a special thanks for all the friends that give me informations regarding the trip in such short time, all the food you told me it just the best, without ya I will miss a lot of good food, thanks again!
As always, tourist spot is never my fav, Snap around, Eat around is always my travel actives. This time is not an exception. As you see from my photos, I found people from Taipei is quite nice, always with smile, and talking nicely. The cute voice of the girls are just killing me, they are real cute but sometimes its a bit too much.
The highlight of this trip I will say is after I landed Taipei at 2am in the morning me and my Pandas have to spend 12 hours walk around the city without doing anything much until 2pm for out hotel check in, as we come in such a rush so we can’t book any hotel but its fun to walk around the city in the early morning, people been to Ximen Din, have ya ever seen emtry street there? I’ve been there at 5am.
Second suprise is a friend that I have not met over a year, sent me a email on my second day while I’m there and tell me he is in Taipei too then we meet up in Taipei, but feels funny when you meet someone you have not met over a year but you see him oversea.
Last thing is I’ve meet Taiwan rapper Softlipa in a 7-11 in a sudden, did not talk to him but its just kind of cool, as I donno much rapper or dj or even singer from Taiwan but I meet one that I knew.
Anyway trips comes to the end, its all fun and cool, got myself a few books I’ve wanna get for a while. Looking forward for my next Panda trip.
Again, Thank You for the informations you gave.

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